10 Murals to Find in The Loop

Make your walk around the block more colorful with these easy-to-spot works of art

M. Grace Rittenhouse
2 min readSep 28, 2021


Max Sansing’s mural for the Chicago Fire soccer team can be found using the map below (Photo/Rittenhouse)

Chicago is the third largest city in the country and welcomes tens of millions of tourists every year. Although Chicago has a wide array of attractions, the museums and experiences can really add up in expenses. Why not take a walk around Chicago’s famous Loop and see beautiful works of art all for the price of a few steps?

Not every work in this set of ten was created by a Chicago native, but each artist aimed to serve the Chicago community. Projects as large as these can bring together whole blocks of people to finish the murals as a team. Some murals even teach stories of the city and its history.

These murals were sought out on own my own trips around the neighborhood. There are tons of green spaces in the city, but finding bigger, brighter pops of color is not as easy when you’re surrounded by the skyscrapers of The Loop. Try looking up or around corners to find these fun pieces of art.

Assuming you use the sidewalks to get around, the best route to view all these murals would be to start at LaSalle Street and continue towards Lake Michigan. From there, try to wrap around and follow State Street south while hitting Michigan Ave for a couple paintings. Finish by taking Roosevelt Road back up to The Roosevelt Collection to see the last two walls of art and grab a meal on your way home.

Click on the pink artist’s palettes to find the locations of these public murals